Company Overview

Name: Suigei Shuzo Co., Ltd.

Business Activities: Production and sale of refined sake,

shochu and liqueurs
Representative: Hirokuni Okura,

Representative Director and President
Location: 566-1 Nagahama, Kochi-shi, Kochi 781-0270

Founded In: 1972 (Later reorganized into Suigei Shuzo Co., Ltd.)

Liters of Sake Shipped: Approx. 640,000 L per annum

(Approx. 4.68 trillion L cumulative)

Capital: 10,000,000 yen
TEL: 088-841-408
Fax: 088-856-8818

PR Contact:

Head Office & Nagahama Brewery

566-1 Nagahama, Kochi-shi, Kochi 781-0270

Tosa Brewery

​2001-1 Kanbara,Tosai-shi, Kochi 781-1113


Operated sundry goods business during Edo period under the name “Aburaya Chosuke.”

1872: Founded sake-brewing business.

1969: Reorganized into “Suigei Shuzo Limited” and commenced production and sales activities under the “Suigei” brand with aim of selling high-quality sake across the entirety of Kochi Prefecture.

1972: Reorganized into “Suigei Shuzo Co., Ltd.” with aim of selling high-quality sake across the entire Shikoku Region.

1985: Commenced full-fledged brewing of premium brew sake with the assistance of renowned brewer Kyoji Doi while expanding sales channels to cover the entirety of Japan.

1993: Built new storehouse. Established foundation of existing production facilities.

1995: Built new product refrigerator. Used to store a maximum of 180,000 L of premium brew sake.

2005: Commenced production and sale of liqueurs that take advantage of ingredients hailing from Kochi Prefecture.

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