8th Suigei E.S.L. Event: July 16 Gathering at Gion Festival in

Kyoto July 21, 2016

On July 16 in Kyoto, we held the “8th Suigei E.S.L. Event: July 16 Gathering at Gion Festival in Kyoto.”

Due in part to the fact that the gathering took place on a festive evening prior to the Gion Festival proper, the event had a considerable turnout that included attendees dressed in Japanese summer kimonos. Per tradition, we conducted a sake-tasting contest in which men and women split into pairs and faced off with other pairs, which contributed to the event’s great success.

Yosakoi Kochi-1

July 6, 2016

“Yosakoi Kochi” Series (1)

The “Yosakoi Festival” will be celebrating its 63rd anniversary in 2016. This year, it will be held over the four-day period between August 9 and 12 at various performance grounds in Kochi City. At this carnival that Kochi is noted for, expect to see approx. 200 teams spread across 19,000 dancers dancing gorgeously with clappers in their hand.

The most appealing aspect of the Yosakoi Festival is that everyone from small children to their grandfathers can join in the fun regardless of their age. On festival days, trucks outlandishly decorated like parade floats can be found on the streets together with the teams of dancers, each with their own original costumes, music and choreography. With the rock-and-roll, samba and classical genres all covered, the abundant individuality of the dances on display ensure that spectators are kept continuously entertained.

Over the festival’s four-day period, the streets of Kochi are taken over by the Yosakoi Festival and energetic dancing. Please come and see it for yourself.

Also, be sure not to miss the fireworks festival to take place simultaneously by the Kagami River on August 9. Enjoying both festivals together with the autumn breeze and a cup of sake is highly recommended.

Suigei Promotion Video

This promotion video for Suigei was produced with “Enjoy SAKE Life” as its motif. As illustrated in the video, Suigei will continue striving to produce sake that is loved all over the world.

redesign! Koiku No. 54.

Update on new products: “Koiku No. 54” gets a total redesign!

Thanks to our customers, “Koiku No. 54” has marked its 20th anniversary. To commemorate this occasion, we gave the bottle label for this sake created with rice and water from Kochi Prefecture a total redesign.

The new label contains a depiction of a whale tail to serve as the product’s new brand mark. This design will enable those who see the bottle to immediately conjure up an image of Suigei, which literally translates into “drunken whale.”

We hope you will continue to enjoy and support “Koiku No. 54.”

Suigei Brewers-1

July 6, 2016

“Suigei Brewers” Series (1)

The Brewing Section in Suigei’s Production Department welcomed a new member. Introducing Noriyuki Fujitani, who is already a veteran employee despite only being with us for a year.Every day, Fujitani toils to perfect his brewing technique.

After graduating from a Doctor’s Course in a graduate program at Okayama University, Fujitani conducted research in biochemistry and bioengineering at the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST) and Sumitomo Rubber Industries. From there, he entered a manufacturer of miso and soy sauce based in Kyushu, after which he joined us at Suigei Shuzo. As you can see, Fujitani has a very unique career background.

Now to tell you a little bit more about

Fujitani, one of our brewers!

Q: What made you decide to join Suigei Shuzo?

A: It was simple, really. I like Suigei’s sake.

Q: I’m sure your first year was very hectic. How do you feel about Suigei after working here?

A: For the first year I was at Suigei, I put my priority on getting used to my work. From here on out, I hope to leverage my experience in product development that I cultivated before at a miso and soy sauce manufacturer to help create sake that factors in how well it matches food.

Q: What kind of sake do you want to try creating from here on out?

A: I would like to create sake that tastes good with beef while keeping the base of Suigei’s sake as is and taking advantage of its defining aspects.

I also hope to work in concert with outside research institutions to develop yeast and search out new directions for Suigei.

We are sure Fujitani will continue to demonstrate his strong resolve and ambitious goals in his future work endeavors as well.

Special Features

Suigei Promotion Video

June 17,2016

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Suigei E.S.L. Event

June 17, 2016

Add a little Suigei to your life.

Based on the theme “Enjoy SAKE Life,” we hold a series of community events for enjoying the Suigei brand both within and outside Japan. Through sake-tasting for our regular, brand-new and seasonal limited-time products to suggestions on pairings with cooking and workshops, we show event attendees ways of adding the Suigei brand of sake to their day-to-day lives while treasuring the community that we have with those participants. We eagerly await your participation in these events. *For details, please go to our website dedicated to E.S.L. Events by clicking on the above image.

7th E.S.L Event in Tokyo

On April 16 in Tokyo’s Roppongi quarter, we held the “7th Enjoy Suigei E.S.L. Event in Tokyo.”

We are grateful to announce that approx. 50 attendees took part in this 7th event. There, men and women paired up and faced off with other pairs in a sake-tasting contest. These and other proceedings made the gathering a resounding success.

In the contest, 25 man-woman pairs competed with each other by tasting four types of sake and trying to guess what type they were. Sadly, none of the pairs got all four types of sake right; however, attendees can look forward to the next gathering, which will include an even more exciting sake-tasting contest.

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