SUIGEI Junmai Ginjo
Koiku No.54
“Koiku No. 54” Pure Rice Premium Brew Sake
by Suigei

A pure rice premium brew sake brewed with the sake rice “Gin No Yume,” which is produced right in Suigei’s locality of Kochi Prefecture


What Makes This Product Special

This pure rice premium brew sake is brewed with “Gin No Yume,” a sake rice produced right in Kochi Prefecture where Suigei is based. Its inherent taste, which speaks to the quality of the original ingredients, is dry yet carries a discernable firmness. Moreover, its refreshing citrusy acidic taste combines with a faint aroma to create a light flavor.


Volume: 1800ml / 720ml / 500ml

Rice used: Gin No Yume

Base rice produced in: Kochi

 Polishing ratio: 50% 

JAN Code

1800ml   4901190801469

720ml       4901190802688

500ml       4901190801483

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