Product with limited-time availability: Offered between mid-August and the end of November

SUIGEI Junmai Ginjo
Ginrei Akiagari
“Ginrei Akiagari”Pure Rice Premium Brew Sake
by Suigei

A seasonal sake for the fall made to mature nicely over the summer.


What Makes This Product Special

A limited-time version of our “Ginrei” pure rice premium brew only available seasonally. Refined sake offers a different flavor depending on the season. With “Ginrei Aki,” the depth of that flavor following a slow maturation process from the summer to the fall makes food in the autumn even more delectable.


Volume: 1800ml / 720ml

Rice used:Matsuyama Mii

Base rice produced in: Ehime

  Polishing ratio: 50%

JAN Code

1800ml   4901190801735

720ml     4901190801766

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