SUIGEI Junmai Ginjo
Ginrei Namazake
“Ginrei Undiluted” Pure Rice Premium Brew Sake
by Suigei

The undiluted form of “Ginrei” gives it a distinct formidableness.


What Makes This Product Special

The undiluted form of our “Ginrei” Pure Rice Premium Brew, this sake is noted for its sense of freshness and formidable flavor, both products of its undiluted nature. After extracting the sake from the mash, we store it in a tank at freezing temperatures, and ship it year-round.


Volume: 1800ml / 720ml

Rice used:Matsuyama Mii

Base rice produced in: Ehime

  Polishing ratio: 50%

JAN Code

1800ml   4901190803883

720ml     4901190803890

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