SUIGEI Junmai Ginjo
Ginju Usunigori 
 “Ginju Usunigori” Pure Rice Premium 
Brew Sake by Suigei 

A pure-rice premium brew whose mild “unrefinedness” broadens its inherent flavor


What Makes This Product Special

Using a preparation process similar to our “Ginju” Pure Rice Premium Brew, we perfected this brew that is part undiluted sake and part unrefined sake. The former component gives “Ginju Usunigori” its depth of taste. The latter gives it its sense of freshness. This is what makes “Ginju Usunigori” special. Whether you’re dining or simply enjoying cheese or a light snack, the flavor of this sake comes through.


Volume: 1800ml / 720ml

Rice used: Hattannishiki

Base rice produced in: Hiroshima

Polishing ratio: 45%

JAN Code

1800ml   4901190801582

720ml     4901190801599


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