SUIGEI Junmai Daiginjo Yamadanishiki

“Yamadanishiki” Pure Rice Super Premium Brew Sake by Suigei

A pure rice super-premium brew created with select ingredients and the peak of Suigei’s brewing expertise.


What Makes This Product Special

The pinnacle of sake rice is “Yamadanishiki,” which is produced in Hyogo Prefecture. After polishing this rice to a ratio of 30%, our brewers apply every skill in their arsenal as they slowly brew that rice at a low temperature. The rich flavor and sophisticated aroma that Yamadanishiki rice makes possible is what defines this pure rice super-premium brew.


Volume: 1800ml / 720ml

Rice used: Yamadanishiki

Base rice produced in: Hyogo

Polishing ratio: 30%

JAN Code

1800ml   4901190801001

720ml     4901190801018


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