SUIGEI Special Junmaishu
Hyotenka Namachozo
“Hyotenka Namachozo” Special Pure Rice
Sake by Suigei

A pure rice sake that matures with a fine brilliance through being controlled at chilled temperatures

What Makes This Product Special

The umami of pure rice sake and the sense of freshness of undiluted sake meld harmoniously in this pure rice unpasteurized stored sake, which has a distinct umami that comes from that freshness and its maturity. The storage of this product in a low-temperature tank enables it to finely mature and brings the umami of the pure rice sake component to the forefront.


Volume: 300ml

Rice used: General rice for sake brewing

Base rice produced in:ー

  Polishing ratio: 55%

JAN Code

300ml   4901190801797


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